Easy-to-install, affordable and scalable Emergency Responder Radio Communication Enhancement System (ERCES) for small and medium-sized buildings.

The Fiplex FLEX All-in-One solution is one of the first single box BDA offerings in the market, incorporating a Digital 700/800 bi-directional amplifier, battery backup and annunciator into one enclosure. Designed to streamline installations and enhance operational efficiency, the All-in-One solution reduces the installation space required in a 2-hour rated fire room by about 30% and reduces installation times.

Features include:

  • UL2524 2nd Edition Listed, IFC & NFPA Code Compliant
  • Buy American Compliant
  • Additional narrow band models
  • Field Upgradeable Licensing: Class B to Class A, from 0.5W to 2W
  • Emergency Power Off Switch Support
  • “No noise” performance
  • Automatic Calibration with Easy-to-use assisted wizard (patent pending)

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