Fiplex manufactures a wide range of multicouplers in VHF, UHF, Dual Band VHF-UHF and 700-800 Mhz bands.

Starting at 4 channels, our receiver multicouplers and active crystal receiver multicouplers can be used in multicarrier systems and are compatible with conventional systems, P25 (Phase I and Phase II), Tetra, MPT1327 and DMR systems.

Receiver Multicouplers RC Series product features : a single stage low noise amplifier that ensures flat gain through all the band, high compression point, low I.M generation, From 4 to 16 outputs (more upon request), 220/110 VAC power supply.

Receiver Multicoupler Dual Band Pass RCD Series product features : built-in dual band pass input preselector for excellent out of band rejection, with 3 to 4 Mhz bandwith per band pass, a single stage noise A class preamplifier to ensure gain through all the band, high compression point and Low I.M generation

Active Crystal receiver Multicoupler ACRC Series product features: Channel Selective operation, 12.5 and 25 Khz channel BW, Software adjustable channel filter center frequency, user manual gain adjustment, dual power supply for redundancy, high adjacent channel rejection, very low I.M generation.

RC Series Receiver Multicouplers

VHF 136-174 Mhz , UHF 380-430 Mhz and UHF 450-512 Mhz

Models: RC15-x, RC38-x, RC45-x

RC Series Public Safety Receiver Multicouplers

700-800 Mhz

Model: RCxx-y

RCD Series UHF Receiver Multicouplers

Dual Band Pass 400-520 Mhz

Models: RCD45-4, RCD45-8, RCD45-16, RCD45-24