Professional Services

Fiplex has developed a suite of Professional
Services to support our customers in their use of our FLEX platform of products.
Our highly experienced Public Safety professionals are available to assist in the mission of ensuring Mission Critical Communications through a variety of services.

Our Solution Includes:


Fiplex provides training packages for each product line. These courses are designed to support our customer’s sales, engineering, installation, and operations teams. Training is offered on-line, on-site or at our factory. A weekly webinar series covers the features, benefits, and key parameters of the products. Complimentary certification is available upon completion of an exam. View our schedule and register here.

Site Survey

Fiplex engineers will deploy to your project site and gather all the information needed to develop a detailed design.

During the Site Survey, engineers will document physical characteristics of the building such as wall materials, ceiling types, candidate locations for equipment and antennas, and cabling routes. routes. Measurements will be taken to determine donor signals and grid testing will be completed to determine areas of insufficient coverage. These surveys are also available in support of annual compliance testing.

Full System Design

Fiplex engineers will prepare Rough Order of Magnitude Bill of Material (ROM/BOM) estimates to support our customer’s project bids. These estimates are provided at no cost. Customers can also contract with Fiplex to produce a full system design. Our certified iBwave and Ranplan engineers will prepare a complete deliverable package that includes 3D building modeling, propagation heat maps, compliance reports and a detailed Bill of Materials (BOM).

Commissioning | Optimization | Acceptance Testing

Once installed Fiplex engineers can support the commissioning, optimization, and final acceptance testing of the public safety system. Engineers will optimize the donor antenna location, measure the isolation, configure the frequencies and filters, set the downlink and uplink gain and power, measure uplink noise, and complete the final acceptance grid test. All results are documented in a final site package for submittal and future reference.

Factory Acceptance Testing and Staging

For larger projects, Fiplex offers Factory Acceptance Testing and Staging of equipment. Engineers will verity the equipment meets the technical requirements of the project and demonstrate functionality as a system under a controlled lab environment at our factory. Final test sheets and specifications are provided. All testing is witnessed by the end customer for final acceptance.

Post-Sales Support

An experienced team of engineers and technicians stand ready to support the setup and configuration of equipment. We will troubleshoot problems and if necessary, provide an RMA and communicate through the repair and return of devices. Extended warranty and upgraded support options are also available.