Education Solutions


After so many tragic events in educational facilities that have taken the lives of students, staff and first responders, safety is definitely a priority for the educational sector. Authorities, principals, teachers, parents, and public safety agencies are focusing, more than ever, in developing proactive systems to address incidents of all types and prevent, protect and mitigate any kind of emergency situation. Thousands of dollars are spent by school officials on a yearly basis to have schools and university campus ready: surveillance cameras, bullet impact windows, weapons detection, electric fences, and lockout devices.

But, once an emergency has already happened, it is an optimum RF two way radio communication between first responders inside the facility and those outside what makes the difference. At the response staging of an emergency event, communications cannot fail. Perfect radio coverage must be available not only in general structure areas like living areas, basements, parking garages but mostly in all critical areas like mechanical and utility rooms, public bathrooms, stairwells, exit stairs, exit passageways, fire pump rooms, and elevator lobbies.

Fiplex Communications provides public safety authorities and first responders with the coverage they need through a complete range of Public Safety Signal Boosters and DAS systems to solve any coverage problem within buildings in the 700 MHz, 800 MHz, VHF, and UHF bands. FIPLEX can help enhance any communications network by designing innovative, customized, end-to-end solutions, reliable and secure that meet any authority’s regulation and help first responders save lives.