Oil and Gas Solutions


One of the most hazardous work environments in the world can be found in the Oil & Gas industry. Platforms and wind farms are loaded with flammable chemicals, high temperature areas and powerful and heavy equipment, making the safety of the workforce in the facility a challenge. Conditions get critical because platforms and wind farms are located offshore, many miles away from land, making it difficult for first responders to access the locations.

General maintenance of wind farms is of huge concern due to the limited accessibility to the turbines. Workers must rappel down the turbines’ blades to do repairs. Similar situation happens in oil platforms where workers are surrounded by blocks of steel and therefore two-way communications are affected in most of the areas. In both cases, reliable communication systems are an essential aspect to personnel safety, regardless of where employees or first responders are.

At FIPLEX we are committed to the manufacturing of a complete range of public safety Signal Boosters and DAS systems to improve coverage in places where signal from base stations cannot reach. We offer solutions in the 700 MHz, 800 MHz, VHF and UHF bands.