Engineering Services

We offer an end to end solution covering all aspects of your project, from site survey to optimization and coverage acceptance, or FAT and Staging for larger scale projects. You can be certain that with our turnkey service you will be saving time and money while improving the dynamics of the process.

Our Solution Includes:

Site Survey

Our Site Survey consists of two main scopes of services.

The first one is a KPI (Key Parameter Information) survey, which is done through indoor walk tests, outdoor walk/drive tests or a mix of both depending on the size of the project. Large venue projects such as airports, campuses, and Olympic villages usually require hybrid KPI’s surveys. Smaller projects, like single or multiple building and shopping malls, only require a walk type of survey.

The second type of Site Survey is a Building/Facility survey that gathers key information necessary to prepare a Full System Design during this project.

Full System Design

Fiplex offers a full system design with the use of iBwave Prediction. The coverage analysis is comprised of 3D building modeling, complete system design, channel interference analysis, and KPI compliance report based on RFP requirements. Upon completion, deliverables include a Detailed Bill of Materials and specific location for equipment and cable routing.

Installation Support

Fiplex Engineers and/or technical staff provides support to contractors and integrators during the installation stage. This service provides appropriate management of installation constraints and deviations from the original design.
Fiplex does not offer installation services.


Optimization is a service to fine-tune the system components to obtain the best KPI results. Optimization is performed On-Site and it is pre-defined in an accepted scope of work document by both parties.


This engineering Service is performed On-Site to assure that all equipment and components are installed, setup, tested and operating according to the operational requirements of the final user. The scope of the commissioning service is pre-defined in an accepted scope of work document by both parties.

Coverage Acceptance Test Plan

The SAT or System Acceptance Test is performed on-site, through an outdoor or indoor KPI survey. The SAT procedures are defined and agreed with the end user prior to the test. A walk or drive test is required to be performed to validate target KPIs are met according to the RFP. Results are presented as a formal document to be signed and accepted by the end user.

For large scale projects the following services are also available:

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

The FAT is a test performed at factory facility and includes the provision of final test sheets and equipment specifications. The test is witnessed by the main contractor who formally accepts the purchased equipment after verifying 100% of its specifications and parameters are measured and met.


The Staging is an On-Site equipment pre-installation test to check specifications, setup, and configuration of units. It is performed at the Contractor’s or system integrator’s locations. Functional parameters are programmed into the equipment accordingly to location requirements (channel frequency plan, filter bandwidth, gain and squelch thresholds, etc). This type of service facilitates the commissioning and system start-up of the project without interrupting the business operation.