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Fiplex is 100% focused on delivering true mission-critical solutions that set the standard for performance, survivability, and deployment efficiency.

The Fiplex FLEX platform not only addresses the complexity and performance challenges facing the AHJ community, but also the economic barriers that hinder Systems Integrators from repeatable, scalable deployments.

The FLEX platform’s advanced feature set and unique configuration and deployment flexibility deliver a win-win scenario. Better Buildings for the AHJ and Better Business opportunity for the Solution Provider.

  • 700/800 VHF / UHF FirstNet band 14
  • Single-band or Multiband
  • Low Power / High Power options
  • Automatic Gain Control per Channel / per Timeslot
  • Active UL squelch per Channel / per Timeslot
  • Software-defined / Field programmable
  • 32 channels per band; High capacity 64 channels configurations
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer
  • Platform Integrated 12 / 24 hour Back up Power Solutions
  • Unmatched platform to component flexibility
  • Quick ship inventory and stocking programs


700/800 VHF/UHF
FirstNet LTE
Class A/B and more
Low / Mid / High Power


Any building,
Any jurisdiction,
Any challenge,
Low / Mid / High Power


12/24 hour back-up power made easy…


ISO 9001 passive devices for superior network performance

The FLEX platform offers unmatched Flexibility to meet the needs of Any Jurisdiction Any Building or Venue, Any Systems Integrators. The Platforms streamlined hardware architecture with software-defined configuration transfers operational and deployment flexibility to the designer, installer, building owner without adding complexity or limiting performance.

Fiplex is 100% focused on performance innovation to ensure mission-critical functionality. From real-world uplink and down link Automatic gain control per channel/per time slot to delay priority filtering and unique survivability features, Fiplex FLEX is setting the standard for true mission-critical deployments

Combine a reduction in complexity, increased performance, and unmatched platform flexibility and you quickly realize the economic benefits of the FLEX platform. The FLEX Platform ensures that the design, procurement, installation, and management efforts are completed as economically as possible. FLEX saving time reduces on-site expertise requirements, shortens lead-times and a powerful field upgradable platform reduces return to site troubleshooting and adjustments

For most buildings and properties, a signal booster or bidirectional amplifier (BDA) solution will provide the required coverage. But do not be mistaken, these deployments are no less complex and demand mission-critical performance as a DAS deployment. Fiplex FLEX BDA solutions are the industry’s most flexible, user-friendly true mission-critical solution available. From software define configuration to innovative features that ensure mission-critical success, FLEX BDAs are the any jurisdiction, any code, any building, any systems integrator better buildings, better business answer.


Distributed Antenna Systems provide the ultimate in design, coverage, and efficiency for in-building public safety communications. Fiplex FLEX DAS solutions address the most difficult and complex design and deployment challenges. Flexibility, redundancy, and survivability deliver true mission-critical performance as well as flexible configurations to align with any deployment requirement delivers Better Building and Better Business



Whether you are deploying a BDA or DAS, battery backup is an integrated part of today’s public safety network. Fiplex FLEX platform includes a bespoke backup power option that will meet all survivability requirements and deployment cost savings. FLEX BBU solution provides pre-terminated cabling with quick connections for power feeds and alarms saving time and reducing installation mistakes. Integrated back up power and alarming in a single-source solution delivers better buildings and better business.


Fiplex has been engineering and manufacturing passive wireless network components for over 30 years. The quality (ISO 9001), and proven deployment history ensures your network is not compromised by an inferior splitter, combiner, attenuator … Combining the FLEX active and passive components ensures not only mission-critical performance but protects your projects from cost overruns due to questionable infrastructure components.